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Bullet points of dubious value

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May. 20th, 2008 | 09:53 am

- “searchable” is not in the Mozilla dictionary.

- Situational Awareness isn’t just a river in Egypt

- Firefox 3 has a release candidate so I tried it out. It only took 3 major versions and about 5 years to make a URL bar as useful as the one in my phone…

- Staying up late to watch the rest of Logan’s Run was a good idea. I hadn’t seen the movie in quite a while and was happily surprised.

- Doing the same for Convoy wasn’t nearly as satisfying

- I’m going to Jane’s 2nd grade “promotion” ceremony today. As weird as it seems to me, my attendance isn’t optional. :)

- King of Kong lived up to all the fantastic reviews

- TV’s with VGA ports kick ass.

- King of Kong is available on NetFlix’s “watch now”. The selection isn’t the greatest but about 10% of my queue is available on it. But half or more of those are documentaries. I’m extremely impressed with the quality. I’m watching it on the other end of the house over g-mimo wifi at full screen resolution.

- Overheard, verbatim, at Starbucks: “That would totally be LOL status”.


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