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7 Things

Jun. 4th, 2004 | 06:16 pm

7 interesting things about me. It took me an inordinate part of time to come up with this list, and 2 of the things aren't even really about me. I had to restrain myself from making this item #7, too.

  1. My wife and I have the same middle name.
  2. I eat plastic.
  3. I was once a (great) paperboy. I loved doing the route, especially the in the winter. Got fully geared up in a snowsuit and my bag, put the flap over the bag, and jumped over through and around all the snow drifts.
  4. My brothers are fraternal twins, and took a half dozen or more trips to the twin cities to participate in twins studies at the University of Minnesota.
  5. In the 10th grade I had a poem published.
  6. For the last yer I've worn an undershirt at least 90% of the time, even during our 100 degree summers. It's not any hotter and makes me feel considerably more comfortable in other ways.
  7. I credit my experience in high school speech as a huge part of my professional success.

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