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Bowie, AZ - Rest Stop

Jun. 17th, 2004 | 06:51 pm

122 miles

First stop, rest stop. There's an EPA notice on the door stating they're over the maximum levels for nitrate in the water, and they're "investigating treatment options". Sounds nasty.

We've covered this stretch of road dozens of times now, but the view as you come over a crest and see a new valley still amazes me. I love living in the west.

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Lordsburg, NM - Love's truck stop

Jun. 17th, 2004 | 07:11 pm

142 miles

Second stop. Customary first stop for any trip east. Lowe's is usually our first choice when we hit a clump of truck stops. I believe it's where I heard about the birth of my nephew, still on our way back from a visit back home.

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Deming, NM - Sonic

Jun. 17th, 2004 | 08:53 pm

204 miles

Third stop, dinner. Also home of the famous Hatch shortcut, described by some as the most lonely and desolate stretch in the land. But that's selling some perfectly shitty roads elsewhere in the west awfully short.

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