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Edina, MN - Centennial Lakes Park

Jun. 20th, 2004 | 08:12 pm

1888 miles

A lackluster Father's Day was saved by an idyllic park in Edina. It was wedged behind a mall that we went to Chuck E Cheese in. Chuck E Cheese is an impressive time and money sink that combines the culinary mediocrity of McDonalds with the sounds of a flock of geese barreling through a wind chime factory.

But after that we decided to check out the little lake behind the mall. As we got closer we could hear a band playing. A full band was giving a free concert in the park. By band I mean a group of musicians somewhere between a marching band and an orchestra.

So we sat on a grass hill looking down onto a gazebo sitting in front of a small lake listening to some well played Souza and Lionel Hampton. We didn't stay for the whole concert, but continued around the lake.

At the other end of the lake we rented a paddle boat and headed out for the kids first time on "open water" . True to their little personalities, Angus was in awe and love with all of it, throwing a bloody fit when it was time to get out. Fred enjoyed the ride but was hesitant and a little freaked out the further we got from shore.

It was a really wonderful family experience that made me proud and thankful to be a father.

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