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St Cloud, MN - Enterprise Rent a Car

Jun. 22nd, 2004 | 02:03 pm

2169 miles

Dropped Cass off for her independent leg of the trip. She's set up in a sporty little Suzuki Aerio. I wonder for how many months I'll be hearing about how she wants another car :)

On the way out of town I was listening to another favorite AM staple, the Clark Howard Show. It's a consumer news and tips kind of thing and usually pretty interesting. He had a guy from Underwriters Labratory. They talked, among other things, about grilling. He said the biggest piece of advice he could give that would drastically reduce grilling accident is: Always grill outdoors. To which I flippantly say, those who grill indoors shouldn't be polluting our collective gene pool anyway.

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Rothsay, MN - Passing By

Jun. 22nd, 2004 | 04:05 pm

2298 miles

Rothsay is home to the world's largest prarie chicken.

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