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More randomness

May. 13th, 2005 | 07:49 pm

- Billboard on the way up:


It was an ad for a veterenary outlet store. Your reaction to the billboard might be a good question on some kind of a pervert meme.

- I've crossed it dozens of times times, and I'm almost 33 years old, but I still giggle every time we cross "Middle Spunk Creek".

- Travelling without my own music really sucks.

- The rental car has lots of shortcomings but the steering wheel is just about the perfect height for typing.

- I've heard at least 5 people here say "We better hurry up and get back for Wheel of Fortune".

- I swear I am not making this up, and the woman in question said this with all seriousness. "And where are you from?", she said. "Arizona", I replied. "Oh that explains why you're so wonderfully tan."

- My grandmother has started calling my twin brothers "wombmates". She claims she's done it forever and a day. None of us had heard it before 5 days ago.

- This place inspires me to the go to the gym. Everything is sugar and grease, and lots of people show it. The hashbrowns even have bacon and ham in them.

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