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petty crap

Jul. 3rd, 2006 | 10:18 am

Petty crap

I think dealer service is a racket. You pay a premium for a shuttle (the only useful perk), a huge tv, and a big moccachino latte machine. But I don't trust any of them, hate the atmosphere, and don't think the markup is worth it.

But, it's our first oil change so I gave 'em a shot. And they blew it over $3.

According to their own sign, an oil change is $22 and their 20 point inspection is free. So I asked for that, which is their "gold" package, which is $25. "No, it's $22" I said. We went back and forth half a dozen times before she called in her manager who gave me the price.

And they don't rotate tires for free which pisses me off. I had grown pretty used to that, since we usually got our oil changed at the same place where we bought our tires. And this *is* the same place we bought our tires, damnit.

Now, if I brought in a thermos and really loaded up on the mochachino, it might be worth it...

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