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Jul. 7th, 2006 | 08:19 pm

I didn't get the appeal of the videio iPod. It seemed like a natural evolutionary step for the line, but nothing very revolutionary. And why could anyone watch a movie on it?

But my mini died and I jumped into a 30gb ipod, the most obvious choice for any storage at all. I watched "road to perdition" on it fairly soon after I got it, mostly because I could. Also to test the process of ripping a dvd to the ipod, a process that takes a lot of cpu and wall clock time, but not much intervention.

Apart from the cool factor, it wasn't too impressive. Even less impressive was the fact that the battery died with 15 ninutes left. add in the general discomfort of trying to watch, and I was underwhelmed.

Then for our last road trip I digitized a few more movies, mostly to listen to on the road. And I noticed how small they came out, filesize wise. And now I'm on a 5200 mile road trip, including a 12 hour train ride, and I'm sold! It's darn handy having some entertainment quite that handy. Yeah, I could have a portable dvd player for the same thing (and do, for the kids), but this is so much more convenient.

So here are the movies I decided to bring. They are (obviously) not the greatest movies ever, or what I would consider desert island movies. They're simply a mix of movies I haven't seen yet, or think I'll enjoy in the next few weeks.

About a Boy
Battlestar Galacatica miniseries
Game 6
Garden State
Just Like Heaven
I Heart Huckabees
A League of their Own
O Brother, Where Art Thou
Office Space
Pirates of the Carribbean
Strange Brew

What videos would make your ipod for a 3 week vacation?

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Deming, NM

Jul. 7th, 2006 | 10:02 pm

Deming, NM

Partially inspired by servergirl, let me vent for a second about our server tonight.

What's the most annoing thing a server can do? When the network interface resets from full duplex to auto negotiate. Wait, different server.

If you bring me the wrong thing, do not thumb through all your tickets while still at the table to determine who screwed up, or even worse to convince me I ordered the wrong thing. And then, when you finally get me the right thing, don't try charging me for the wrong one!

Then to top all that off I got to argue over whether we got regular milk or kids milk.

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