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Kewanee, IL

Jul. 23rd, 2006 | 02:42 pm

We've been in Kewanee a few days now, a wonderfully peaceful stop with good friends. How we got here was in the best spirit of road tripping, I think.

We woke up St. Cloud, MN, on Thursday. Had some breakfast then saw Cars again to waste some time before meeting friends for dinner. My buddies condition after his surgery was generally okay, but still not up to having guests crash for the night. So we headed out around 9, unsure of our destination. We thought about stopping for the night, but our attempts to do so were thwarted by full hotels. What now? Drive to Chicago! Through the night! In a thunderstorm!

It started raining when we hit Wisconsin, and didn't stop for the next 10 hours at least. It finally stopped sometime while we were in the bowels for the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. I'm extremely glad we decided to head there rather than hang around the Twin Cities and see stuff we'd already seen. The museum is spectacular inside and out. I'd like to go there again in 10 years when the kids are older and slow down enough to read some of the information, but it was still a fantastic time. We got there as it opened, and stayed until it closed, and didn't see everything.

We left the museum and headed for Kewanee, and I crashed for about 16 hours.

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