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My Children are Possessed

Aug. 30th, 2006 | 09:50 am

That kids adopt the general sleep cycle of their parents is probably no surprise. Following that trend, our kids have never seen a midnight they don't like, nor a dawn that they do. So this year, with both of them going to school all day and needing to get up at 7, promised to be a bear. But they've mustered along surprisingly well. In fact things went so well this morning we had some time to kill before heading out of the house. Jane woke up with the alarm at 7 and got right out of bed. Isaac only took one "Good morning!" to roll out of bed. They were both fully awake and dressed at 7:10, and didn't argue a stitch over breakfast. The whole thing was surreal, almost like watching a movie starring your kids, in roles they don't normally play. :)

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