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Oct. 31st, 2006 | 03:14 pm

I've got some pretty big projects in the hopper right now, and some deadlines. But in the spirit of your dorm room never being cleaner than during finals week, I present the first triple digit movie meme.
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Oct. 31st, 2006 | 03:43 pm

Here's an excerpt from the excellent Code Complete

Suppose you need a report that shows your annual profit. You already have computerized reports that show quarterly profits. If you're locked into the programmer mindset, you'll reason that adding an annual report to a system that already does quarterly reports should be easy. Then you'll pay a programmer to write and debug a time-consuming progrm that calculates annual profits. If you're not locked into the programmer mindset, you'll pay your secretary to create the annual figures by taking one minute to add up the quarterly figures on a pocket calculator.
The most valuable people in your organization are probably the ones that can see and avoid that trap.

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Oct. 31st, 2006 | 10:53 pm

What is with lazy ass parents shadowing their kids in cars? And what's with their lazy ass kids GETTING IN THE CAR to be DRIVEN 4 houses away, past the houses with no lights on? It's not like it's 30 and snowing here, which still wouldn't cut it as an excuse. I froze and got snowed on to earn my candy a few times, and it just made it taste better damnit.

Creepiest thing we saw all night: Some dude strolled up to ask and ask if we had gotten a lot of candy. "We just got started," I replied. "Yeah. I'm out trick or treating for my niece. She's 3. Her Mom doesn't trust me alone with her at night." Ohhhkay. Fortunately he didn't hang around.

Kids went as "Earth" and "Woody" from Toy Story. The earth costume was an idea from a parenting magazine we had picked up, and Jane loved it. The kid in the picture had brown hair, which would have made a world of difference. Green hair spray in blond hair doesn't exactly scream "grass". But she loved it and it was awesome, as was Isaac.




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